2 great news:


- The audio recording of Werther made in Lyon last month, will be broadcast on Radio Classique on December 19th, the video recording should be broadcast on France 3 at a later date.


- Below, a small gift, two pictures of where Stéphanie is currently recording a CD on the work of Pauline Viardot....


Again and again beautiful surprises.... and always our little contest... It is open to all, fan or curious about Stephanie’s career. The clues are there to help you find the answers.... Good luck to all!

3 question themes, each correct answer = 1 point. In the event of a tie, Stephanie's innocent hand will deliver the names of the 10 winners.

To be won : 

- 1st prize : a place to attend a concert of Stephanie (it is impossible to tell you what concert it will be, it will be decided according to the evolution of the health situation, but this gain is valid until its realization)

- 2nd at the 5th prize : a CD or DVD of Stephanie among "Eclat de Folie", "Sirène", "Une soirée chez Berlioz", "l'Etoile"...

- from 6th to 10th prize a signed photo of Stephanie.

Here are the questions, it's up to you and good luck :

1 - one word used for another, a smear.... anything can happen during a performance. This, because of a moment of deconcentration by a camera too close, a position that makes swallowing difficult, an unexpected noise or simply an oversight .... This happens from time to time to Stephanie and this is the case in the following 2 extracts. Will you find these little "shells" ?



2 - From which operas are taken these 3 photos (bonus point if in addition you have the name of the roles)

Clues :

Year: 2007 ,

Review of the moment : "En ....., ..... rebelle, Stéphanie d'Oustrac apporta une fougue à fleur de nerfs et un timbre clair comme un matin de printemps"

Clues :

Year 2013

Review of the moment : " Remarquable présence scénique et vocale de Stéphanie d'Oustrac qui campe une ..... qui "remplit" le rôle jusque dans ses silences. Son duo avec Stéphane Degout atteint un degré de sensualité inouï !"


Clues :

 Year 2019

Review of the moment: : "...Le talent remarquable de Stéphanie d’Oustrac est de réinventer une manière d’hystérie stylisée qui jamais ne dépasse les propositions de l’écriture. La projection et la présence scénique sont proprement impressionnantes, la prestation vocale incandescente, la folie de la scène finale laisse bouche bée."

3 - 4 easy questions to finish (clue : for the last 3 questions, the answers can be found in the videos recorded by Stephanie during the 1st containment - salvos 5 and 7 , and in ""tea or coffee" - ... video you can find on his YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVYOPPFz9pcROSqe3nn9ecw/videos - :

* Did Stephanie sing in the Traviata - and if so in what role - ?

* What are the 3 adjectives used by Stephanie to give advice to new singers: you have to be....

* From which instrument plays Stephanie - at least 1 piece ;-)

* What does Stephanie listen to while she cleans up ? ;-)

Your answers are to send me via the contact page of the site !

@Jean-Baptiste Millot


This site is only intended to help you discover the great mezzo-soprano Stéphanie D'Oustrac. For those who have the chance to know her already it will keep you informed of her news with dates, venues, photos or videos ..... It's a site for admirers or those who will become, to make your life easier ...


Don't hesitate to go to the "contact" section to leave your suggestions, comments – and why not - a photo or video that I will publish mentioning your name.


Thank you to Stephanie for her trust and friendship and all of you for your participation.

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