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Great news, Stéphanie is the godmother of "Tous à l'Opéra" 2023

The 15th edition will be held on the weekend of 6 to 8 May.

More information, coming soon

In the meantime, you can still discover this unique Antwerp recording of Berlioz's Summer Nights.... as well as many other videos on Stephanie's YouTube channel

(3) Stéphanie d'Oustrac - YouTube


@Jean-Baptiste Millot


This site is only intended to help you discover the great mezzo-soprano Stéphanie D'Oustrac. For those who have the chance to know her already it will keep you informed of her news with dates, venues, photos or videos ..... It's a site for admirers or those who will become, to make your life easier ...


Don't hesitate to go to the "contact" section to leave your suggestions, comments – and why not - a photo or video that I will publish mentioning your name.


Thank you to Stephanie for her trust and friendship and all of you for your participation.

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