The photos and videos in the Gallery are mostly personal photos which so the quality is not always tip top.

If you have any photos or videos please contact me, your name will of course be mentioned.

Special thanks to: Stéphanie d'Oustrac of course, but also, Emmanuelle Frantz, Catherine Forest, K-ty, Nadine Koutcher, Rockmantique, Ipanema92, Christophe S. Bernard, France Musique, Elizabeth Roszak, Mélusine (8 years old, you're never to young to love opera), Marion Kalter, Angelo Capodilupo, Ugo Mahieux, Karen Almond, Jean-Yves Grandin, Francesca Hould, Lionel Renoux, Toni Suter et Tanja Dorendorf (T+T Fotografie)….. for all their help ;-)

Souvenir of the recital of October 2, 2020 at the Orangerie de Sceaux. A recovery for Stephanie after 7 months of absence due to Covid. A very nice return, with a small gift, a short extract of "Nocturne" by Jacques de la Presle

Small memories of a great production : Mozart's La Clemenza di Tito, at the Liceu in Barcelona, in a staging by David McVicar.
Stephanie, very well surrounded, performed Sesto, one of her most beautiful and greatest roles and it was - it must be said - a real triumph!

January 2020, welcome to Tourcoing for a tribute concert to    J-C Malgoire conducted by François-Xavier Roth

The year starts beautifully at the TCE, with the 1st Parisian of the "Beautés des nuits d'été"!
Stéphanie gave us the famous "nuits" of Berlioz, but also a contemporary version of the "nuits" by Arthur Lavandier... and to do this, she was accompanied by l'Orchestre de Chambre de Paris!
A pure enchantment.


...the incredible concert !

Some exclusive photos from the shooting of the TV film "L'Odyssée Offenbach" broadcast on Sunday 29 December on Arte.

November 2019, Carmen in Cologne. A production by Lydia Steier and some surprising costumes, but Carmen is still as bewitching and masterful as ever !

Paris, The city of music for a unique concert.
Stephanie is accompanied by period instruments - 19th century - (harp, piano, violin, horn and cello) in a rich, sensitive, funny, intense recital.

Program around "Une soirée chez Berlioz", Stéphanie's new CD.
A real moment of exception.

Prague, November 2019. Rather exceptional concert for Stéphanie with the 9th of Beethoven, conducted by Emmanuel Villaume.

We all know Stephanie, accomplished lyric artist (below the pictures of the evening concert in Strasbourg) or teacher at the Pont Supérieur of Rennes, discover Stephanie transmitting her love of opera (always in Strasbourg) to 8/10 year old children. Exchanges with the little ones, extracts of Carmen, la Périchole or Berlioz.
The children participate with joy, Stéphanie sitting among them.
A simple, pure and rewarding moment

With children...

A the Rennes Opera House, highlight of a beautiful series of concerts for Stéphanie and the Amarillis ensemble. Pictures and video souvenir of this final evening for a last "Eclats de folie"!

Small privilege of rehearsals ... then the pleasure of the concert !

A busy week in Côte St André at the Berlioz Festival.
3 very différent concerts for Stéphanie, but they shared a common theme : pleasure, sharing, emotion, talent and       a big generosity !
A few pictures of these wonderful moments, with "la version concert" of Orphée et Eurydice (with Dima Bawab and Olivia Doray - conductor : Roberto Forés Veses), "Les Nuits d'été" by Lavandier, a world creation, and "Les Nuits d'été" by Berlioz (conductor : Douglas Boyd), and to finish the Offenbach concert with Julien Behr (conductor : Hervé Niquet).

1st night : "Orphée et Eurydice"

(suit signed by Sylvie Ayrault et Christèle Desjardins

2nd night : Les Nuits d'été - Poèmes Spirites by Lavandier and Boyer... and Les Nuits d'été by Berlioz.

3rd night to Offenbach

Pierres Lyriques Festival in Navarrenx in August 2019. Stéphanie performed an intimate concert of the Arsenal, accompanied by Samuel Jean. An exceptional moment!

June 2019, anniversary concert at the Opera of Angers for the 25 years of the “Ensemble Amarillis". Stephanie, wouldn't of missed this for anything!

(beautiful dress offered by the Maison Tesson)

May / June 2019, Stephanie is at the Opernhaus, in Zurich to perform Phèdre in "Hippolyte et Aricie" by Rameau. A baroque opera and a lyrical tragedy which Stéphanie loves and where she excelled once more.

A change of scene for Stéphanie, with the concert version of the opera "Hippolyte et Aricie" given at the TCE in Paris. Marked by a complicity between the artists and excellent interpretations !
Stéphanie wore a beautiful dress designed by "Maison Tesson"



A few kilometres east of Paris, across the German border and Stephanie and Pascal Jourdan are in Frankfurt for a recital of Berlioz, Liszt and Viardot. Another successful evening, a conquered public and a well deserved ovation.


March 18th to the 23rd, 2019 : A week in Paris for Stéphanie.

On the program, 3 radio programs (see audio section) to present her new album "Sirènes" ...
plus 2 recitals :
- The first at the Elephant Paname where Stéphanie was accompanied by the pianist Antoine Palloc (the first 3 photos)

- The second at the Paris Philharmonie with the Pasdeloup chamber orchestra (5 photos of the rehearsals and concert)
What's a busy week ... a pleasure for the ears !


March 6th , 2019,

preparation of the recital at the Capitol in Toulouse. Studious but good

humoured repetitions ... and always with the same commitment ....

… The result is a breathtaking concert of Berlioz, Liszt and Viardot, which ended with a standing ovation. 


January and February 2019, event of the year at the Opéra Bastille, with the Troyens de Berlioz, directed by Dmitri Tcherniakov

In full repetition ... really  ;-)  ….

…. yes really ! 

January 10th, 2019,

“Répétition à l'italienne” at the Opera Bastille of Les Troyens (with

orchestra, without staging)

The finale of act 2 –

A striking “La Prise de Troie”

A well deserved ovation

November the 8th , 2018, recital at the TCE.

Stéphanie offers us an evening dedicated to Mozart, accompanied by the Orchester de Chambre de Paris, conducted by Jonathan Cohen without forgetting his accomplice Pascal Jourdan.

An unforgettable evening full of charm and emotion, carried by the haunting voice of Stephanie !

Studious repetitions for Stephen Costello (Don Jose) under the direction of Chef Emmanuel Villaume ... and a short break between Guapas Zingarella: Sarah Tucker (Frasquita) and Lindsay Metzger (Mercedes) with Stephanie (Carmencita)


The various stage outfits of our beautiful cigar maker !

Repetitions on stage .... Even far away, in Texas, it's a tragic ending that awaits Carmen :-(

The hard work pays off. Here's Carmen full of sensuality and mischief.

It's the end of a beautiful American adventure.

Superb concert at the Philharmonie de Paris, where Stéphanie gave a moving interpretation in "La Mort de Cléopatre" by Berlioz. A remarkable moment.

Salzburg ... Another venue, another cast, another atmosphere, another production for "L'incoronazione di Poppea". But as always very beautiful.

From the small gifts offered for the opening on August the 12th , 2018 to the final performance, everything was a success, Congratulations. Thank-you to Stephanie's partners Carlo Vistoli (Othon) and Marcel Beekman (the nurse) !

Special thanks to Marion Kalter for the superb photo of Stephanie.

The first rehearsals of Monteverdi's "L'incoronazione di Poppea" (Zurich June 2018)

Exile is a difficult moment for Ottavia .... The "sentence" of Neron leaves its mark !

But the final bow is dignified and smiling ;-)

And the ovation for the cast is spontaneous and fully deserved.

From every angle “Poppée” was a roaring success.

The farewells were sad and restrained !!   ;-)

The first photos of Jules Massenet's Werther (Opéra de Nancy - May 2018) .... with Stephanie for the first time in the role of Charlotte, Edgaras Montvidas in the role of Werther, Marc Barrard in the role of bailli, Dima Bawab as Sophie .... and the children !

A well deserved standing ovation.

March 17th , 2018, a resplendent Stephanie performed at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow in a concert of Baroque music (Rameau, Couperin, Charpentier)

Rehearsals of the "Barbier de Séville" at the Marseille Opera ... here with Philippe Talbot. 1st performance on February 6th , 2018!

After all the hard work the reward for the artists is to be on stage in front of an audience.

Bravi ! Pure pleasure !

January 2018 - Rehearsal with Nash Ensemble at Wigmore Hall

Greetings  "La clémence de Titus" Opéra Garnier (nov. 2017)

Above,  2 photos taken at the Opéra Comique on May the 5th , 2017 for "all at the opera" by Marie-Nicole Lemieux and friends.

Stephanie's triumph in the “Médée de Charpentier” at the Zurich Opera House in February 2017 with great conductor William Christie

Auditorium of  Radio France, September 15th , 2016. On the program, Shéhérazade de Ravel, directed by Stéphane Deneve.

(Stéphanie's outfit is signed by Tesson House)